How to Wear a Hat in Your Travel?

The hats, the most potent accessory in a well-dressed man’s arsenal,make a forgetful can also reflect ones character,so you should wear it with enough confidence.

If you wear it reluctantly or ambivalently, and there’s the dangers that the hat will wear you! But don’t be timid. Today our dressing landscape has evolved and we need not to fear about striking out in the world in a hat style.

It is difficult to find a hat suits yourself and to match outfits that in line with your style. Remember to wear something once it’s novel, the second time it’s familiar, the third time it’s your signature. Of course, you also need to consider your own proportions. It won’t surprise you that big hats look better on big heads. As a devoted hat wearer I prefer large, straight brims – they frame the face in a flattering way, drawing focus to the eyes.

A hat is a stylish accessory appropriate for Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and even while traveling, the tricky part is making sure it goes with the rest of your outfit.

Today I’m going to share with you how to wear a hat in your travels.

To wear a hat while traveling is a great idea, especially in hot day. It can shield your face and neck from getting sunburned.

You’ll most likely be wearing a comfortable outfit while traveling so as to add some styles to your look. May be one Panama hat is a great classic addition to your summer wardrobe, which made of the unique lightweight toquilla palm that’s handwoven in Ecuador, which keep your head cool and protected in summer.The classic shape of the Ethan preset Panama can bring a little drama to your outfit, transforming it instantly to a more sophisticated look. A ladies wide brim style, such as the Emilia Panama is a key summer look that adds an instant chic fact.

There are some tips you should acknowledge:

  1. Stuff the crown of your hat with small items of clothing. Don’t overfill the hat or you’ll stretch it. Underwear or socks are good options.
  2. Flip the hat over it to sits flat at the bottom of your suitcase with the stuffing still in place.
  3. Pack around the hat. I have fully embraced the concept of packing cells. These ones are from Kathmandu that I bought on a three for $30 deal.
  4. Continue packing around the hat until it is firmly held in place. I filled the gaps with rolled items of clothing.
  5. Cover the top of the hat with a layer of clothes. My suitcase is double sided but the hat side zips up. This kept the hat firmly in its section and safe. I made sure on the other side that any hard objects or items would not end up adjacent to the hat section when the suitcase was closed.

Crushable Hats in Your Travel

When it comes to the exciting vacation hat, a flat cap or a bucket hat may be your first choice. However, if you want to travel in style, you need a proper hat like Fedoras hats, whereas they’re such a pain to travel with. Unless you’re wearing it on your head, putting a fedora anywhere else is a recipe for disaster. While in a plane, stick it in an overhead compartment, and it runs the risk of someone slamming their luggage into your gorgeous hat.

The perfect choice is a crushable hats that suits for travel, you can throw them in your luggage and never worry about them getting ruined. You can brush them off in need, and you’re ready to go.

We’ve compiled a list of the favorite crush-able hats for travel as following.


I wore a fedora to England and again to Paris. It’s a great vacation hat. It gives you a sense of style and fashion, but there was a pain. I would have tried a crushable fedora.

existed. Next time, this hat is on my packing list. It’s awesome too because the strap comes off, allowing you to wrap the fedora tight like a sock. It’s a clever design.

Cowboy Hat


My peers in the Midwest who won’t go a day in their life without a cowboy hat. With that wide brim, a cowboy hat is definitely one of the more awkward hats to wear on a plane. Now they have a hat to travel with and tuck away in their suitcase.

Safari Hat

I’m at a Spring Training baseball game for a long time, there are more safari hats in the crowd than baseball hats. But we’re talking about the Florida only, and the sun is literally trying to kill you. The best defense against those harmful rays is a super wide thick brimmed hat.Therefor, safari hats are a advisable choice for you. I’m going to start recommending one of these crushable versions, so those snow birds can travel with ease.

Women Hat

ladies who like those huge wide brimmed hats, this Walrus Sundial is calling your name. It’ll be your favorite travel accessory, when you can just crumple it up and forget about it in your suitcase. What fun is it to travel to the Caribbean if you have to lug a big hat with the entire way? No fun, that’s what. Now the answer is here in this perfectly packable hat.

Sun Hat

This Scala  wide brimmed hat is a beach lover’s dream. It’s the perfect hat in the summer, anywhere in the Tropics, or laying by the pool. It’s floppy and light, so you can throw in your beach bag and not have to worry about damaging it.

Bucket Hat


This is a stylish accessory nowadays.Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep your hair out of your face and eyes by wearing this comfortable cap during all your outdoor activities.




Beret Hat 

No matter what you wear, Just choose the suitable Beret hat. And it will make you more charming and adorable in summer!  You’re a charming landscape with a charming fashion straw hat. Embracing the breath of the sea, Opening the tour of elegant.